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Тест по английскому языку

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_____ name is Robert.


_____ are you from?


Peter _____ at seven o’clock.


We _____ live in a flat.


_____ he play tennis?


We don’t have _____ butter.


We _____ got a garage.


Have you got a pen? Yes, I _____ .


They _____ at home yesterday.


He didn’t _____ glasses.


Do you like the red _____ ?


Yesterday was the _____ of April.


I _____ play football at the weekend.


My brother is older _____ me.


It’s the _____ interesting of his films.


Do you _____ classical or rock music?


The _____ have seen it before.


_____ is a very good exercise.


I can’t _____ another language.


_____ old is their car?


They are going _____ in America next month.


Have you ever _____ in a jazz band?


Have you ever _____ in a jazz band?


Do you know what _____ ?


Were you _____ to open the door?


I think it _____ be sunny tomorrow.


If we get up in time, _____ the train.


They _____ to go to France for a year.


I’m writing _____ asking you to explain.


We _____ lunch when you telephoned.


Do you speak English?

Where do you live?

What did you do yesterday evening?

What do you expect from English classes?

The weather is fine, isn’t it?

Tell us about your dream

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